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Lirik Lagu the weeknd dark times

[ed sheeran:]
waking up, half past five
blood on pillow, one bruised eye
drunk too much, you know what i'm like
but you should've seen the other guy

[ed sheeran:]
this ain't the right time for you to fall in love with me
well baby i'm just being honest
and i know my lies could not make you believe
we're running in circles that's why

[ed sheeran:]
in my dark time i'll be going back to the street
promising everything i do not mean
in my dark time, baby this is all i could be
and only my mother can love me for me
in my dark time, in my dark time

[the weeknd:]
light one up, let me bum a smoke
still coming down, dripping throat
i got another man's blood on my clothes
but it ain't his fault, it's the life i chose

[the weeknd:]
this ain't the right time for you to fall in love with me
my baby i'm just being honest
and i know my lies can never make you believe
running in circles, that's why

[the weeknd:]
in my dark times, i'll be going back to these streets
promising everything i do not mean
in my dark times, baby this is all i could be
only my mother could love me for me
in my dark times, in my dark times

[ed sheeran the weeknd:]
in my dark times i've still got some problems i know
driving too fast but just moving too slow
and i've got something i've been trying to let go of
pulling me back every time

[ed sheeran the weeknd:]
in my dark time, taking it back to the street
making those promises that i could not keep
in my dark time, baby this is all i could be
only my mother could love me for me
in my dark time, taking it down to the street
making those promises that i would never keep
in my dark time, this is all i could be
only my mother could love me for me
in my dark times, in my dark time
in my dark times

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    the weeknd dark times
    [ed sheeran:]waking up, half past fiveblood on pillow, one bruised eyedrunk too much, you know what i'm likebut you should've seen the other guy[ed sheeran:]this ain't the right time for you to fall in love with mewell baby i'm just being honestand i know my lies could not make you believewe're running in circles that's why[ed sheeran:]in my dark time i'll be going back to the streetpromising everything i do not m

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    the weeknd earned it

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