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Lirik Lagu ARKELLS Private School

Private school girls, private school boys:
Playing games, expensive toys
Private school girls, private school boys:
Don DeLillo wrote White Noise
I tried so hard to find an in but you weren't giving me anything
Come on now throw me a's a sign

Ah, fuck off: don't say I'd do the same
Getting off without an ounce of shame
And you know, I just want to love you...but it's so hard
Just want to love you...but it's so hard

Private school boys, private school girls:
The nicest skin, the nicest curls
Private boys boys, private school girls:
Gimme a chance, gimme a whirl
You walked in, my jaw hit the floor
You act like this is such a chore
Around you I feel like swine:
You're divine

I want to go to the party!
I want to drink the bacardi!
Who's bringing the molly?
Let's get a bit naughty...

I want to go to the party!
I want to drink the bacardi!
Who's bringing the molly?
Who's gonna stop me...

Private school kids, life is so simple
Born on third base, thought they hit a triple

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    I had the grace of a diplomat on his best behaviorBut throw a wrench into the planAnd I’ll prepare a statement you knowI was built on shaky groundAnd any day this all could come downAnd toe to toe you know that I can’t keep upIf you ask me straight up I’d ramble round and roundRound and roundAnd I’ll put everything I haveOn the tableI never claimed to be a perfect manAround my enablersAfter the closing bell and last song

    ARKELLS Making Due
    When I heard, no I wasn't surprisedCould've said it was a long time comingNow you beg for some, compromiseAnd you're offering nothingAnd by now, you must understandMaking due with what I've been givenRead the past on the palm of my handA few chapters, I think that you're missin'So I'm wonderingWhere can we go nowAnd I'm wonderingWhere can we go nowWhen I heard no, I wasn't surprisedShadows long and the pain gets numbin'Yea

    ARKELLS Passenger Seat
    We called it a partyEven though everybody was sadYou showed up with some coffeeStated moving at seven amYou were having trouble sleepingI was having trouble keeping stillWhen we talk it's like a meetingFull of budgets and utilitiesDriving on the highway homeThis time aloneDoesn't mean the same without youI turned on the radio to something slowJust to let it fuck with my moodAnd songs don't sound the sameWithout you in the passenge

    ARKELLS Savannah
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    I heard you singing in the showerThe alarm went off againAnd now you're putting on your makeupI'm still laying in the bedAnd I thought I could never stayI'd feel stuck in one placeThen you came alongAnd all of that changedI've got these visions keep coming up, coming upThat I cant shake, all day, all dayI've got these visions keep coming up, coming up, so I waitNow if time is what it takesI'll be here, I'll be waiting for youI don

    ARKELLS Private School
    Private school girls, private school boys:Playing games, expensive toysPrivate school girls, private school boys:Don DeLillo wrote White NoiseI tried so hard to find an in but you weren't giving me anythingCome on now throw me a's a signAh, fuck off: don't say I'd do the sameGetting off without an ounce of shameAnd you know, I just want to love you...but it's so hardJust want to love you...but it's so hardPrivate school boys, privat

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