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Lirik Lagu BON IVER 21 M??N WATER

The math ahead
The math behind it
It's moon water

The math ahead
The math behind
Moon water

Remomrize numb
And half the hum
For moon water

I'd hide Berlin
To run and find it
Moon water

The path ahead
The path behind it
It's moon water

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    Tryna live my life anyway that I like itNever let a [?] mess up my highSomething 'bout, they hit me by surpriseShe, feelin' hella sprung, if you with it then you got itI've been waitin' up, nothin' on but your chain nowFilling up the tub, what's the scent of the day nowBoy you can't resist it, boy you know you miss itCan we find a way?5 AM I can't eat right, I can't sleep nightI can't do anything without youI've been running from you all n

    BRUNO MARS 24K Magic
    TonightI just want to take you higherThrow your hands up in the skyLet's set this party off rightPlayers, put yo' pinky rings up to the moonGirls, what y'all trying to do?24 karat magic in the airHead to toe soul playerUh, look out!Pop pop, it's show time (Show time)Show time (Show time)Guess who's back again?Oh they don't know? (Go on tell 'em)Oh they don't know? (Go on tell 'em)I bet they know soon as we walk in (Showin' up)

    BON IVER 00000 Million
    Must've been forces, that took me on them wild coursesWho knows how many poses, that I've been inBut them the main closest, hark! it gives meaning MineI cannot really post this, ah feel the signsI worried about rain and I worried bout lightningBut I watched them off, to the light of the morningMarking the slope, slung low in the highlandsWhere the days have no numbersIf it's harmed, it's harmed me, it'll harm, I let it inOh, the old modus: out to be

    BON IVER ____45_____
    Well I've been carved in fireWell I've been caught in fireI've been caught in fire, whaaaaWell I've been caught in fireI've been carved in fireI've been caught in fireWhat comes prior to?I've been caught in fireI stayed down the other nightI've been caught in fireI stayed down(Without knowing what the truth is)I've been caught in fireI stayed down the other nightI've been caught in fireI stayed down(Without knowing what th

    BON IVER 8 (circle)
    Philosophize your figureWhat I have and haven't heldYou called and I came, stayed tall through it allFall and fixture just the same thingSay nothing of my fable, noWhat on earth is left to comeWho's agonized and gnawed through it allI'm underneath your tongueI'm standing in your street now, noAnd I carry his guitarAnd I can't recall it lightly at allBut I know I'm going inToo much for me to pick up, noNot sure what forgiveness

    The math aheadThe math behind itIt's moon waterThe math aheadThe math behindMoon waterRemomrize numbAnd half the humFor moon waterI'd hide BerlinTo run and find itMoon waterThe path aheadThe path behind itIt's moon water

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