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Lirik Lagu THE MOWGLI'S Arms And Legs

I twist and turn the days away with supplemental sex
A tangled mess, hair, arms, and legs
But you're the one I call
when I want to know I still exist
Because you make me feel like shit
And yeah, you're really good at it

So we sit in screaming circles
Talking politics and drugs
Which one matters most to us
And which ones just a front?
But you go where the money goes
And we're just chasing love

She wraps her arms around me
I feel the muscles in her hips
I hear her breath go short and thin
She takes a sip of wine
It puts some color on her lips
She don't care what songs I wrote
Yeah, she thinks its all a joke

But you died a golden hurricane
You were blocking out the sun
By some strange twist of fate
You appeared right back here with us
But then you saw the sunrise in the barrel of a gun
Well I hope for you, in death you trust
Cause this god damn thing has come undone

But there you go again
making those gestures towards your heart
Your flair for the dramatic man
It's making this so hard
And I don't know how to stop this
But I sure know where to start
And I don't know if I can fix you
But I can sure take you apart

Yeah, I don't know if I can fix you
But I can sure take you apart

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