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From this day on
I will never - force - anything good
Down anybody's throat
Now before I start spazzin'
I'm a speak in a language
That the majority
Will understand

Niggas see me shinin'
They know Tech N9nna the best at the rhymin'
Yeah, but they ain't buyin'
Strange Music flyin'
We steady climbin'
I'm still a wanted man
I get a hunnid band
Still I do Summer Jam
Tecca N9ne milla'
Kansas City Killa'
Turn up!

Bubblin' up with it because a nigga be gassin'
Enemy know that I'm ready for action
No matter the money we gotta go dummy and with' it so nigga what's happenin'
I really come and I do it with passion
Whenever I'm in the booth I real as ramen and juicy juice
And the vomit induced when the onyx been poop
Regroup and spin this shit
Learnin' this level of linguistics
Lot of you who lose it love lickin' limp bizkits
And I am done
Tryna shine a star of Donnie to the people like fuck this nigga
Soundin' will as Farrakhan he
Never can raise this bar upon me
I am on par with omni
Kill every thing in sight before the light say habari gani
Longevity, haters don't wan' credit me
When I'm steadily reachin' people like mom said I'd be
They on heavily, like it be gone medically
When I'm bustin' on this bitch in the street like Ron Jeremy
This song's therapy, strong genetically, bomb palms red if he's blond
Here to be 'nouncin' The Don's pedigree
I'm a 'gnac linguist
With' a black penis
I can act meanest
'Cause I'm a rap genius
Keepin' 'em crack fiendish
Praise K.O.D. please
For blowin' up himself like his last name was [Yaziz?]
No kryptonite, I'm a be Superman, makin' Zod leave
Thinkin' you're gonna do better, you're puffin' the odd trees

Everybody know us
We ain't gotta say it
They know can't nobody hold us
Maybe 'cause the flow screams
Kansas City Killa
Ain't no coming from the shoulder
Strikin' like a cobra
(Kansas City!)
Lightin' up the dough
We gonna blow just like I told ya'
Steady getting mo' green

Low IQ listeners they bashin'
Lightweight keeping me flashin'
I don't think they ready for the murder for the slashin'
From MMM chopping em up in pieces in a wicked fashion
Not a nigga left, why you triggered then
From the hottest spitta, fought a bigger Tech
How ya figured that
How ya gonna test a hobbler
Shoulda' stayed behind the candlelight bruh
The God does damage to who's talking fucking bologna (bologna)
About who the best, from my crew the threat
From here to Budapest, this how you shoot the tech
I'm a forever be ripping you never be up and ahead of me
'Cause I'm a shooter be it through the neck
Shake it till it open make a milli' man I did it and I blew the check
For Pete's sake
This music is gleamin', but because all of the streamin' will never reach cake
Good thing we didn't get our piece late, we straight
Se7en this beats great, shoulda' probably did it with Keith Ape
This is for the villains
Kansas City livers stackin' paper to the ceilin'
And fuck how they feelin'
If they hate the way we movin' 'cause we really make a killin'
Make your broad leave
'Cause she diggin' me and my niggas we get it open like five keys
Knock it out like the Ali's, but to you she was a raw tease
Not another soul will rock whenever the K.O.D. breathes

Everybody know us
We ain't gotta say it
They know can't nobody hold us
Maybe 'cause the flow screams
Kansas City Killa
Ain't no coming from the shoulder
Strikin' like a cobra
(Kansas City!)
Lightin' up the dough
We gonna blow just like I told ya'
Steady getting mo' green

Ooh, Godspeed
If you think you're brave enough then come and try me!
I kill everything in sight
People hate that the number one is related
To the greatest
Independent favorite
That made it, hella rippin' up stages
And gave it everything in pages
And gainin' real amazing wages
Double eight day with Travis
Integrated now as the latest hits
Fuckin' right nigga!
We came up from the gutter
To lots of butter, I put that on Uncle Ike nigga!
Thanks to Carter and Maudie, N9ne was born!
Now everybody on the globe gonna have their eye on
The Storm!

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