1.   Slank DOA

3.   slank kebal

5.   slank ngarep

9.   slank halal

11.   yuwaku slank

17.   virus slank

18.   utopia slank

25.   tolerir slank

31.   teng slank

42.   sora slank

44.   sober slank

52.   sikon slank

64.   sedekah slank

66.   schatzi slank

68.   salah slank

71.   respect slank

73.   rebut slank

74.   reaksi slank

83.   plur slank

84.   plis slank

85.   please slank

86.   piss slank

88.   pintu slank

90.   percuma slank

91.   pelangi slank

92.   pasti slank

101.   om dong slank

107.   ngepas slank

108.   nge slank

109.   ngangkang slank

112.   naik slank

113.   nagih slank

117.   monogami slank

119.   merdeka slank

121.   memang slank

123.   me & reny slank

124.   mayday slank

128.   manusiawi slank

139.   maen api slank

140.   maafkan slank

144.   lilo slank

146.   lapindo slank

147.   lagi slank

149.   l o v e slank

151.   kupu biru slank

163.   kilav slank

164.   kilaf slank

168.   karikatur slank

169.   karang slank

172.   kampungan slank

176.   kalah slank

180.   josephira slank

186.   intros slank

191.   hujan slank

192.   histeris slank

194.   hey bung slank

195.   harus mau slank

198.   gue bebas slank

203.   gara slank

209.   friday slank

210.   freedom slank

212.   firasat slank

218.   devilinu slank

219.   desersi slank

225.   cinta slank

227.   cekal slank

230.   break slank

232.   bom slank

233.   bola slank

234.   bocah slank

236.   bmw slank

240.   biru slank

252.   bang slank

254.   balikin slank

263.   april slank

270.   anjing slank

273.   anak mami slank

277.   alon slank

280.   alami slank

281.   aku gila slank

284.   aborsi slank

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You have poison in your heartYeah I'm sure of itI knew right from the startFrom the moment we metYou know we have to break upYou'll always be aloneThere's poison in your mindYeah, I'm sure of itYou've never been that kindWith all due respectYou know it's time to break upYou'll always be aloneYou know you've…

Depeche Mode Fail
People, do we call this trying?We're hopeless, forget the denyingOur souls are corruptOur minds are messed upOur consciences, bankruptOh, we're fuckedPeople, what are we thinking?It's shameful, our standards are sinkingWe're barely hanging onOur spirit has goneAnd once where it shoneI hear a lonesome songPeople, how are we coping?It's…

Depeche Mode No More (This Is The Last Time)
One more ride, I can't explainAll hesitation, we stop and start againRepeat the process, we repeat the lieTime and time again, by and byThis is the last timeI say goodbyeThe last timeThen we won't have to lieThe last timeCall it what you wantYou don't mean a thing to me no moreYou go your way, I'll go mineWe walked this line together…

Depeche Mode Poorman
Hey, hey, hey, heyHey, there's no newsPoor man's still got the bluesHe's walking around in worn out shoesWith nothing to loseHey, he's on the roadPushing along his heavy loadHeading for no fixed abodeShuffling slowHeyCorporations get the breaksKeeping almost everything they makeAnd tell us just how long it's…

Depeche Mode So Much Love
I can't lieI can't fakeI can't actMy hands shakeThere's disclosureI must makeThere is so much love in meI can't runI have triedThere's a thornIn my sideThere is somethingI can't hideThere is so much love in meYou can forsake meTry to break meBut you can't shake meNoYou…

Depeche Mode Poison Heart
You have poison in your heartYeah I'm sure of itI knew right from the startFrom the moment we metYou know we have to break upYou'll always be aloneYou know you've never ever been a friendNow we're closer to the edgeThere's poison in your mindYeah, I'm sure of itYou've never been that kindWith all due respectYou…

Depeche Mode Eternal
Poor little oneI will protect youAnd surround you with my loveAs well as any man canAs well as any man couldI will be there for you, alwaysAnd when the black cloud risesAnd the radiation poursI will look you in the eyeAnd kiss youAnd give you all my loveAs well as any man canAs well as any man couldYou are my eternal, eternal love

Depeche Mode Cover Me
I've felt betterI've been up all nightI can feel it comingThe morning lightThe air is so cold hereIt's so hard to breatheWe better take coverWill you cover me?Way up here with the northern lightsBeyond you and meI dreamt of us in another lifeOne we've never reachedAnd you know we're sinkingWe could fade…

Depeche Mode You Move
We had something, that was yesterdayTemptation's knocking at my doorYou talk to me about the life we could've hadOh, we don't have that life no moreBut I like the way you moveYeah, I like the way you move for me tonightI like the way you moveI like the way you move for me tonightAlright nowIf you give me something you and I can playLet me be your manI…

Depeche Mode Scum
Hey scum, hey scumWhat have you ever done for anyoneHey scum, hey scumWhat are you going to do when karma comesA' callingAnd you're fallingAnd there's nowhere left to runAnd you're weepingAnd not sleepingAnd you're begging for your gunPull the triggerHey scum, hey scumWhat have you ever done for anyoneHey…